Online Shop on Yii2

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-02-21 16:15:38 UTC


This is e-commerce application built on Yii2. It is not full e-commerce - it is showcase

This project has been temporary stopped. For actual code see app built on this shop


Because it's only e-commerce showcase - only several features available:

  • Admin Panel - Backend
  • Home page with latest products
  • Catalog with sorting and product preview
  • Categories support
  • SEO-friendly URLs (with slugs like
  • Special statuses for products (example: In stock, Discount, etc.)
  • Image gallery in product view
  • And a lot of! See demo for more details, maybe I forget something


FrontEnd Demo

BackEnd Demo

Login: admin

Password: admin

Please don't clear shop content ^)


The minimum requirement by this application template that your Web server supports PHP 5.4.0.


Run in the command line:

git clone yii2shop

Go to the application dir and run:

php requirements.php

to check application requirements and run:

composer install

to install dependencies.

After you install the application, you have to conduct the following steps to initialize the installed application. You only need to do these once for all.

  1. Run command php init to initialize the application with a specific environment.
  2. Create a new database and adjust the components['db'] configuration in common/config/main-local.php accordingly.
  3. Apply migrations with console command yii migrate. This will create tables needed for the application to work.
  4. Configure your application by editing config files: ⋅⋅* common/config/main-local.php ⋅⋅* backend/config/main-local.php ⋅⋅* frontend/config/main-local.php If there are not needed options in the *main-local.php files you can copy them from *main.php and overwrite in the *main-local.php
  5. Set document roots of your Web server:
  • for frontend /path/to/yii2shop/frontend/web/ and using the URL
  • for backend /path/to/yii2shop/backend/web/ and using the URL

To login into the application, you need to use:

Username: admin
Password: admin

You can change it at the backend/config/params.php (users array)