A gearman plugin for CakePHP 3

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Gearman task offloading for CakePHP 3.


Why use this plugin?

Use this plugin to drastically reduce page load times by offloading time consuming processes (like sending emails and resizing uploaded images) to a Gearman Job Server.


Install the plugin using Composer:

composer require cvo-technologies/cakephp-gearman

Now load the plugin by either running this shell command:

bin/cake plugin load CvoTechnologies/Gearman --bootstrap

or by manually adding the following line to config/bootstrap.php:

Plugin::load('CvoTechnologies/Gearman', ['bootstrap' => true]);

Lastly, add a new Gearman configuration section to (most likely) app.php:

    'Gearman' => [
        'Servers' => [
        'Jobs' => [


Optional: system verification

Before proceeding you might want to verify that the Gearman Job Server is actually up and running on your local system.

On Ubuntu systems running sudo netstat -peanut | grep gearman should produce something similar to:

tcp      0     0*     LISTEN     0     9727     625/gearmand
tcp6     0     0 ::1:4730           :::*          LISTEN     0     9726     625/gearmand


Using this plugin comes down to:

  1. Configuring your task(s)
  2. Starting the WorkerShell on your local system
  3. Offloading tasks from within your application code by using the execute() function found in the JobAwareTrait

To start the WorkerShell so it will listen for incoming tasks run the following command on your local system:

bin/cake worker

Built-in Tasks

Email Task

This plugin comes with a built-in email task that allows you to start offloading emails using the worker instantly.

To enable the email task first add the following job to your Gearman configuration section:

    'Jobs' => [
        'className' => 'Email'

Then add the following worker configuration to your existing EmailTransporter configuration section (most likely found in app.php):

'worker' => [
    'className' => 'CvoTechnologies/Gearman.Worker',
    'transport' => 'default',
    'background' => true

Now all you need to do is use this EmailTransporter in your application when sending emails and it will automatically offload all email sending to the built-in task using the EmailTransporter defined in the transport key. E.g.

$email = new Email('default');
$res = $email->from(['' => 'Your Site'])
    ->subject('Testing cakephp-gearman built-in EmailTask')
    ->send('Your message');

If things went well you should see the worker providing feedback on tasks being processed shown below:

Worker feedback

Creating your own tasks

1. Create the Task

As an example we will create the following SleepTask that:

  • will be used as a Gearman job
  • must be created in src/Shell/Task/SleepTask.php
  • must contain a main() function
namespace CvoTechnologies\Gearman\Shell\Task;

use Cake\Console\Shell;

class SleepTask extends Shell

    public function main($workload, GearmanJob $job)
        $job->sendStatus(0, 3);


        $job->sendStatus(1, 3);


        $job->sendStatus(2, 3);


        return array(
            'total_timeout' => $workload['timeout'] * 3

Please note that the plugin will take care of arrays and objects. When you submit an array in the task, you will receive an array in the workload.

2. Start using the task

To start using the task:

  1. include the JobAwareTrait in your application code
  2. use the $this->execute function to pass the job to Gearman

Please note that the execute() method takes the following parameters:

  • $name: name of the job (task in cakephp)
  • $workload: mixed, can be either an array, string, int or everything else
  • $background: boolean, true to run in background
  • $priority: Gearman::PRIORITY_NORMAL, _LOW, _NORMAL or _HIGH

Patches & Features

Before submitting a PR please make sure that:

Bugs & Feedback