Neos Flow WebLink Package.

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WebLink Package for Neo Flow

This Neos Flow package provides methods to manage links between resources and advise clients to preload and prefetch resources through HTTP and HTTP/2 pushes.


You can add a link header in three different ways:

Using the Fusion Prototype

This will output a Html link tag with the given "rel" attribute and set the Http link header for the response.

 link = Vette.WebLink:Link {
      href = ''
      rel = 'preload'

Using the EEL Helper

If you use this EEL helper, make sure the containing Fusion prototype is uncached.

 $href = ${'', 'preload')}

Adding a Link Header via the WebLink Service

  * @Flow\Inject
  * @var WebLinkService
 protected $webLinkService;
 $this->webLinkService->link('', 'preload');