Multi-threading framework?

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The idea is to have multiple non-blocking contexts with a transparent inter-process communication out of the box.

This lib is just a PoC, use at your own risk.

Check out examples in examples/ dir.


  • 3 adapters: child process (react), pthreads, symfony process (not tested)
  • inter-process communication between childs-parent using unix sockets
  • simple serialization for objects(jms serializer), arrays, scalars
  • async event-driven flow (react eventloop)
  • integration with frameworks, see EProcess\Application\ContainerApplication for Symfony
  • child workers can have own child workers (i.e. main -> worker -> worker ...)


  • git clone
  • cd eprocess
  • composer install
  • php examples/simple.php

Example explains features

Be aware this snippet below is only for explanatory reasons and will not work out (or at least yet).

For real examples see exampes/simple.php and related.

use EProcess\Application\Application;
use EProcess\Application\ApplicationFactory;

class Data
  // jms serializer metadata
  private $id;
  // setters getters etc.

class Main extends Application // like that one in c++
    public function run()
        $worker = $this->createWorker(MyWorker::class); // create external non-blocking thread of MyWorker class
        $worker->send('any_event', 'Hello my worker!');
        $worker->on('hello_master', function() {
            // Receive back-call from child

class MyWorker extends Application
    public function run()
        $this->on('any_event', function($data) {
            echo 'Got any_event event from my master: ' . $data; // data == Hello my worker
            // Still we can send any event back to master
            $this->send('send-any-data', new Data()); // you can send any object, array or scalar
            // object should have jms serializer metadata to be serialized


You need to have proper autoloading established in order to use this example.