Provides a composer plugin that automatically normalizes your composer.json on install or update

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Provides a composer plugin that extends localheinz/composer-normalize, and automatically normalizes your composer.json on install or update.


Composer Auto Normalize can be installed either globally, or as a per project installation. When using it in a project, we recommend installing it as a dev-dependency.

$ composer global require cupoftea/composer-auto-normalize
$ composer require --dev cupoftea/composer-auto-normalize


Once installed, your composer.json file will be normalized every time a composer install or update is executed. Because this plugin extends localheinz/composer-normalize, you can also manually normalize your composer.json by running composer normalize.


You can set any arguments and options available on the composer normalize command as a default for auto normalization. You can configure this both in your global composer.json, or per project in your project's composer.json file. Arguments should be set in by their name, and options in For a full list of available arguments and options, see the Composer Normalize Documentation.

    "extra": {
        "auto-normalize": {
            "options": {
                "indent-size": 2,
                "indent-type": "space"