Publiq CultureFeed modules for Drupal 9.

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9.x-dev 2024-01-24 17:13 UTC


This module is provided by publiq vzw (formerly known as CultuurNet) as it is. We do not provide support, nor do we actively continue to develop this module. Pull Requests will be reviewed when time is available with our developers. However we do appreciate the sharing of bugfixes with us. If you need active support, we provide it for our API & Widgets, see . As an exception, critical security updates will still be provided if needed.



composer require cultuurnet/culturefeed-d8


Please enable only the modules you need.

Culturefeed search api

Provides the api client to search in the events database. Caching / logging is foreseen in this module. (See Activating Debugging)

Culturefeed search

Basic elements to build up an event search (such as provided by Culturefeed Agenda).

  • Abstract search page service to extend on (like Culturefeed Agenda)
  • Sort block
  • Active filters
  • Facets

Culturefeed agenda

Provides a Culturefeed search page available on 'agenda/search' and detail pages. The blocks provided by this module can be used to extend the detail pages of events, actors and productions. Includes also a simple search form. This module provides a controller, but all the agenda components are split up into blocks. You can use the default controller or take over the controller via page manager.

Culturefeed organizers

Adds support for searching and viewing organizers


Adds a CultureFeed content field to add a search query to any of your entity types.

Activating debugging

The debugging system works via monolog. To activate this you will need to install and configure the drupal monolog module (

Once monolog is installed, update the 'monolog.channel_handlers' section in the parameters of your services.yml:

    culturefeed_search_api: ['untranslated_drupal_log']