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usually when a package gets updated, the package owner could possibly add/change/remove something from the configuration file, or could add a new feature that he/she didn't have time to add to the read me yet, or for whatever reason that could potentially effect how the user consume the package.

Therefor PackageChangeLog was made, to help developers keep their packages as user friendly as possible and keep the users up-to-date with new changes as releases gets published.



This is more of a utility package directed towards developers & to get the best of it you have to add it to your package, however to test it you can install it like any other package & run composer dump-autoload afterwards.

  • composer require ctf0/package-changelog

  • (Laravel < 5.5) add the service provider to config/app.php

'providers' => [
  • after installation, package will auto-register

    • App\\Providers\\EventServiceProvider::postAutoloadDump @composer.json post-autoload-dump
    • postAutoloadDump method @ App\Providers\EventServiceProvider
  • Note that logs will be shown from the next time composer gets executed.


  • inside your "package" composer.json
    • add the package as a dependency
    • add "changeLog": "log_folder_name" to extra
"require": {
    // ...
    "ctf0/package-changelog": "^1.0"
"extra": {
    // ...
    "changeLog": "logs"
  • inside that folder add the log files

    note that the version have to be equal "==" to the release tag because we check against that version b4 showing the log.

    this is useful in-case you don't/didn't add changeLogs for the current published version.

    release tag log file name
    v1.0.0 v1.0.0.txt
  • we don't use any parsers for the log file, so whatever you write in the file, will be displayed to the user as it is.