An advanced image field for Nova with crop and resize.

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An advanced image field for Nova allowing you to upload, crop and resize images

Need support for Laravel Nova 4?

This package uses Cropper.js with vue-cropperjs on the client and Intervention Image on the server.

screenshot of the advanced image field


In order to work, this package requires the following components:

  • Laravel & Nova (2 or 3)
  • Fileinfo Extension

And one of the following libraries:

  • GD Library >=2.0 (default)
  • Imagick PHP extension >=6.5.7

See Intervention requirements for more details.

Getting started

Install the package into a Laravel application with Nova using Composer:

composer require ctessier/nova-advanced-image-field

If you want to use Imagick as the default image processing library, follow the Intervention documentation for Laravel. This will provide you with a new configuration file where you can specify the driver you want.

Code examples

AdvancedImage extends from Image so you can use any methods that Image implements. See the documentation here.

// Show a cropbox with a fixed ratio

// Resize the image to a max width

// Override the image processing driver for this field only

To serve the image as an avatar / cover art search results, use the AdvancedAvatar class:



driver(string $driver)

Override the default driver to be used by Intervention for the image manipulation.


croppable([float $ratio])

Specify if the underlying image should be croppable.

If a numeric value is given as a first parameter, it will be used to define a fixed aspect ratio for the crop box.


resize(int $width = null[, int $height = null])

Specify the size (width and height) the image should be resized to.

AdvancedImage::make('Photo')->resize(600, 400),
AdvancedImage::make('Photo')->resize(null, 300),

Note: this method uses Intervention Image resize() with the upsize and aspect ratio constraints.


Specify if the underlying image should be orientated.

Rotate the image to the orientation specified in Exif data, if any.


Note: PHP must be compiled in with --enable-exif to use this method. Windows users must also have the mbstring extension enabled. See the Intervention Image documentation for more details.