Fast, un-opinionated, minimalist web framework for PHP.

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Fast un-opinionated minimalist web framework and server for PHP built on top of Async PHP server (SwoolePHP). CrowPHP lets you build real microservices in PHP without the use of PHP-FPM/Nginx or Apache.

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  1. PHP >8.0
  2. Swoole PHP extension
$ pecl install swoole

Installation of CrowPHP via composer, the following command will install the framework and all of its dependencies with it.

composer install crowphp/crow

Hello world microservice using CrowPHP

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Psr\Http\Message\ResponseInterface;
use Psr\Http\Message\ServerRequestInterface as RequestInterface;
use Crow\Http\Server\Factory as CrowServer;

$app = CrowServer::create(CrowServer::SWOOLE_SERVER);
$router = Crow\Router\Factory::make();

$router->get('/', function (RequestInterface $request, ResponseInterface $response) {
    $response->getBody()->write('Hello World');
    return $response;



You may quickly test your newly built service as follows:

$ php index.php

Going to http://localhost:5005 will now display "Hello World".

For more information on how to configure your web server, see the Documentation.


To execute the test suite, you'll need to install all development dependencies.

$ git clone
$ composer install
$ composer test


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.

Learn More

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If you discover security related issues, please email or use the issue tracker.


The Crow Framework is licensed under the MIT license. See License File for more information.