Handle data encryption/decryption.

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The crypt package creates a simple interface for the phpseclib AES-128 library. Its interface allows encryption and decryption of strings with a layer of base64 encoding for easy transmission including the initialization vector.


composer require crowdstar/crypt:~2.0.0

Sample Usage

Before using the library, you need to choose a secret key, which should be of size 16, 24 or 32 only.

$secretKey = "1234567890123456";

1. Encrypt and Encode plain text data for storage or transmission

use CrowdStar\Crypt\Crypt;

$encodedEncryptedData = (new Crypt($secretKey))->encrypt("message");

2. Decoding and Decrypting stored or received data

use CrowdStar\Crypt\Crypt;

$encodedEncryptedData = (new Crypt($secretKey))->decrypt("encoded_encrypted_data");

3. Encrypting and Decrypting with an alternate length initialization vector

use CrowdStar\Crypt\Crypt;

$crypt = new Crypt($secretKey);

$alternateIVLength = 8;
$encodedEncryptedData = $crypt->encrypt("message", $alternateIVLength);
$plainText = $crypt->decrypt($encodedEncryptedData, $alternateIVLength);

When bad data is passed in, the return value of method call CrowdStar\Crypt\Crypt::decrypt() will be an empty string.