Easiest SQL abstraction ever

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Easiest SQL abstraction ever, heavily inspired by yesql


I've been in a quest all my professional life, create the simplest SQL-abstraction for PHP. I gave up many times until I saw yesql's simplicity.

It's a tiresome task to reinvent SQL, and often in vain. You need to give away functionality (what makes SQL unique) or performance (something unthinkable for most web apps).

How does it work?

EasySQL is heavily inspired by yesql, that means you have a different file with a list of SQL statements, which is compiled to a PHP class with all those operations.

-- This file is saved as queries/users.sql
-- @name byEmail
SELECT * FROM user WHERE email = $email LIMIT 1;

-- @name getContacts
FROM user 
INNER JOIN contacts c (c.friend_of =
WHERE c.user_id = $me;

-- @name create
INSERT INTO user(email) VALUES($email);

Then you need the following PHP bootstrap code to get it running:

$repo = new EasySQL\EasySQL("queries", $pdo);
$users = $repo->getRepository("users");

// find and return a single row due to the `LIMIT 1`. To force 
// a single row we can use @One annotation.
$me = $users->byEmail("");

// All `INSERT` return the new created ID
$user_id = $users->create("");

Underneath the EasySQL's compiler will read all files and their SQL statements and generate a PHP file with all the queries and bootstrap code.