Simple View engine designed to generate code. Based on Laravel's 4 Blade.

v0.1.37 2015-03-09 01:38 UTC


This project is a simple template compiler which aims to be compatible with Laravel's Blade view engine.

It is different though as it generates code which doesn't depent at all in this project to run, therefore it can compile templates offline once.

How to use it

The simplest way of using the compiler is by downloading the phar cli application.

wget -O view-compiler
chmod +x view-compiler

Now you have the view-compiler script ready to run. It is very simple to use now:

./view-compiler compile tests/views/

That would generate a single file tests/views/Templates.php with all our templates compiled.

require "tests/views/Templatas.php";

// By defualt its content will be print
Templates::get("if.tpl.php")->render(["name" => "cesar", "age" => 25]);

// but it can buffered as well
$buffer = Templates::get("if.tpl.php")->render(["name" => "cesar", "age" => 25], true);
echo $buffer;

You can optionally give a namespace to the generate template file to avoid class name conflicts

./view-compiler compile tests/views/ -N demo


It is compatible with Laravel's Blade view engine.


  1. Better error support
  2. Mode documentation