The PHP client library provides fast access to documents stored in a Couchbase Server.

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Couchbase PHP Extension


This repository contains source code of the Couchbase PHP SDK.

Support and Feedback

If you find an issue, please file it in our JIRA issue tracker. Also you are always welcome on our forum and Discord.

Getting the Source Code

This repo uses several git submodules. If you are fetching the repo for the first time by command line, the --recurse-submodules option will init the submodules recursively as well:

git clone --recurse-submodules

However, if you fetched using a simple clone command (or another IDE or tool), or if you are pulling the latest and need to update, then you must also perform the following command to recursively update and initialize the submodules:

git submodule update --init --recursive

Building the Extension

This project is built with CMake and packaged with pecl so everything should build easily once the basic dev dependencies are satisfied. However, we have helper scripts in the /bin directory to help automate tasks even further.

Dev Dependencies

The following dependencies must be installed before the project can be built. We recommend using OS specific utilities such as brew, apt-get, and similar package management utilities (depending on your environment).

  • cmake >= 3.20.0+ (e.g., brew install cmake)
  • c++ compiler >= std_17 (e.g., xcode-select --install)
  • openssl >= 1.1+ (e.g., brew install openssl)

IMPORTANT: On macOS, the OpenSSL brew install command mentioned above is not sufficient to be able to build. The easiest way to fix this is to add the OPENSSL_ROOT_DIR env variable to your exports (e.g., .zshenv). If this is not sufficient, see the other tips mentioned when you run brew info openssl.

export OPENSSL_ROOT_DIR=/usr/local/opt/openssl/

Building (with shell script)

cd couchbase-php-client

Running Tests

The tests are located in the (/tests)[./tests] directory. More tests may be added and this directory will be organized more in the near future to differentiate between the common tests types that might be used for different types of testing (e.g., unit tests, integration tests, system tests).

Testing (command-line)