A Simple Dashboard Chart in Laravel Nova using Chart JS. Starting create your own dashboard with Chart JS Integration can save your time and help you maintain consistency across standard elements such as Bar, Stacked, Line, Area, Doughnut and Pie Chart.

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A Laravel Nova Dashboard with FullCalendar JS | See 📘Documentation Page

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This Nova FullCalendar JS Integration requires Nova 2.0 or higher.

FullCalendar JS Integration in Action

Installation & Documentation

Simple Installation

// app/Providers/NovaServiceProvider
protected function cards()
    $events = Event::select(DB::raw('id, nama_kegiatan as title, concat(tanggal_acara, " ", jam_acara) as date, concat(tanggal_acara, " ", jam_acara) as start, tanggal_acara as end'))
    return [
        (new FullCalendar())

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