Account management for Yii including login/logout, lost password, update account, change password.

1.4.3 2022-01-13 04:39 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-13 09:44:34 UTC


Allows users to create and manage their account.


  • Provides actions that can be used with current defaults, or easily extended to allow fully customisable account management:
    • AccountLoginAction - Login to an account, optional ReCaptcha after 3 login attempts.
    • AccountLogoutAction - Logout from an account.
    • AccountSignUpAction - Sign up for a new account, can optionally send an account activation email, or can allow direct activation.
    • AccountActivateAction - Activate a new account once the secure email link is clicked.
    • AccountResendActivationAction - Resends the activation email incase it did not arrive.
    • AccountLostPassword - Request an email to be sent which will contain a secure link to allow a password reset, with optional ReCaptcha.
    • AccountResetPasswordAction - Checks for valid link and allows resetting the account password.
    • AccountUpdateAction - Update own account details.
    • AccountChangePasswordAction - Change own password details after verifying current password.
    • AccountViewAction - View own account details.
  • Automatically detect the users timezone on signup.
  • Does not impose a data structure, you can use your existing User table with your existing fields.
  • Module uses YiiEmailModule, allows emails with templates and email queueing.
  • Module uses YiiStrap, the ultimate Twitter Bootstrap extension for Yii.




BSD-3-Clause, Copyright © 2013-2014 Mr PHP

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