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ClassMap Generator

ClassMap generator generates classmap hash to improve class loading performance.

Normally, SplClassLoader uses PSR-0 class naming rule and PEAR class naming rule to inspect the class path to autoload class, but this costs a lot when requiring a huge amount of classes.

ClassMap generator generates class file mapping into a pure PHP array file, you can simply require it to find class files.

$classMap = require 'class_map.php';
$path = $classMap['PHPUnit'];   // returns path to PHPUnit classfile.

We decide to use PHP format as our class map file is that it's pretty easy to include from PHP, and the compiled class map file can be cached by APC.


  • PHP5.3
  • Reflection extension.

Install By Composer

$ composer require corneltek/classmap

Install By PEAR

$ sudo pear install


$ ./classmap.phar src

Which compiles a hash map file like below:

<?php return array (
    'Universal\\ClassLoader\\SplClassLoader' => 'phar:///Users/c9s/git/Work/ClassMap/classmap.phar/Universal/ClassLoader/SplClassLoader.php',
    'GetOptionKit\\GetOptionKit' => 'phar:///Users/c9s/git/Work/ClassMap/classmap.phar/GetOptionKit/GetOptionKit.php',
    'GetOptionKit\\OptionSpecCollection' => 'phar:///Users/c9s/git/Work/ClassMap/classmap.phar/GetOptionKit/OptionSpecCollection.php',
    'GetOptionKit\\OptionParser' => 'phar:///Users/c9s/git/Work/ClassMap/classmap.phar/GetOptionKit/OptionParser.php',
    'GetOptionKit\\OptionSpec' => 'phar:///Users/c9s/git/Work/ClassMap/classmap.phar/GetOptionKit/OptionSpec.php',
    'GetOptionKit\\OptionResult' => 'phar:///Users/c9s/git/Work/ClassMap/classmap.phar/GetOptionKit/OptionResult.php',
    'GetOptionKit\\Argument' => 'phar:///Users/c9s/git/Work/ClassMap/classmap.phar/GetOptionKit/Argument.php',
    'ClassMap\\Generator' => 'phar:///Users/c9s/git/Work/ClassMap/classmap.phar/ClassMap/Generator.php',

So you may require this class map file from your PHP application:

$map = require 'classmap.php';

API Synopsis

    $mapGen = new ClassMap\Generator();
    $mapGen->addDir( 'path/to/library' );
    $mapGen->addFile( $file );
    $mapGen->addClass( $class, $file );
    $mapGen->generateFile( 'class_map.php', 'php' );

    $mapGen->autoload = true or false;  // turn on autoloader

To generate json format dictionary:

$mapGen->generate( 'class_map.php', 'json' );

ClassMap File Format

return array(
    'class' => 'path/to/file.php',


Yo-An Lin