contextualcode/platformsh-siteaccess-matcher-bundle adopted eZ Platform Map\Host site access matcher.

v2.0.2 2020-03-28 15:43 UTC

README allows you to have multiple environments (stage, feature specific and so). But those environments will use autogenerated URLs. And it might be a problem, if you have multiple siteaccesses in your eZ Platform installation and Map\Host matcher is used. This bundle override default Map\Host and tries to extract correct host name from environment variables. Which fixes this issue.


  1. Require contextualcode/platformsh-siteaccess-matcher-bundle via composer:
     $ composer require contextualcode/platformsh-siteaccess-matcher-bundle
  2. Enable this bundle in config/bundles.php:
     return [
         ContextualCode\PlatformShSiteAccessMatcherBundle\ContextualCodePlatformShSiteAccessMatcherBundle::class => ['all' => true],
  3. Add SITE_ACCESS_MATCHER_DOMAINS_PREFIX variable in .env (it is used when custom environment is synced to failover server):
     ###> contextualcode/platformsh-siteaccess-matcher-bundle ###
     ###< contextualcode/platformsh-siteaccess-matcher-bundle ###
  4. Commit and deploy this changes to
     $ git add composer.json composer.lock config/bundles.php .env
     $ git commit -m "Installing platformsh-siteaccess-matcher-bundle"
     $ git push platform master
  5. Done! All siteaccess will be matched correctly on all new environments with autogenerated URLs.