Modified Contao templates supporting Bootstrap markup

2.3.2 2023-05-05 08:15 UTC


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This extension provides several Bootstrap 4 based templates Contao CMS.

It's possible to use this extension in an installation where the default templates are required. To avoid wrong templates being loaded theres a feature called template automapping. Each bootstrap template has a different name (usually _bs) prefix than the default one. On runtime the template name get changed so you don't have to select the modified templates everywhere.

The automapping is only active if a page layout has the type bootstrap and you did not disable the automapping in the theme settings.

Following templates are provided:

** With configurable automapping **

  • com_bs_media comment template based on the Bootstraps media component (Note: It's using as a third party service).
  • member_default_bs for the member form using bootstrap form layout.
  • member_grouped_bs for the member form using bootstrap form layout.
  • mod_breadcrumb_bs for the breadcrumb module.
  • mod_comment_form_bs for a bootstrap based comment form.
  • mod_login_bs for the login form module.
  • mod_search_bs for the search module.

** Always mapped **

  • pagination_bs for the paginations (always mapped, even if automapping is disabled).

** Not mapped **

  • gallery_bs_carousel for a gallery using the carousel.
  • gallery_bs_grid for a grid based gallery.
  • nav_default as navigation templates.
  • rss_bs_list_group rss feed rendered as list group.


See changelog


  • PHP 7.1
  • Contao ~4.4


Managed edition

When using the managed edition it's pretty simple to install the package. Just search for the package in the Contao Manager and install it. Alternatively you can use the CLI.

# Using the contao manager
$ php contao-manager.phar.php composer require contao-bootstrap/templates~2.0

# Using composer directly
$ php composer.phar require contao-bootstrap/templates~2.0