Links statistics for laravel 5

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Links statistics for laravel 5

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Table Of Contents


To install charts use composer


composer require consoletvs/links

Add service provider & alias

Add the following service provider to the array in: config/app.php


Add the following alias to the array in: config/app.php

'Links' => ConsoleTVs\Links\Facades\Links::class,

Publish the assets

php artisan vendor:publish


php artisan migrate


Default Settings

The file in: config/links.php contains an array of settings, you can find the default settings in there.


return [
    /* Middleware that will be applied to the statistic pages */
    'middleware' => ConsoleTVs\Links\Middleware\LinksMiddleware::class,

    /* Password to use if ConsoleTVs\Links\Middleware\LinksMiddleware is beeing used */
    'password' => 'LinksRocks',

    /* The views layout */
    'layout' => 'links::template',

    /* The route prefix, will be applied to all of the routes. */
    'prefix' => 'links',

You should now modify the password if you're willing to use the default middleware.

The Middleware

The middleware is applied to the statistics page, this middleware can be changed and you're able to apply your own access rules.

Default: ConsoleTVs\Links\Middleware\LinksMiddleware::class

The default middleware requires a simple password to login.

The Password (Only with the default middleware)

The password needs to be set if you are using the default middleware. This will allow you to login.

Default: LinksRocks

The Layout

The layout can be changed, but the current pages are designed using Bootstrap 4 keep that in mind.

Default: links::template

The prefix

The prefix will be used in all of the routes. It determines the root of all the routes of the package.

Default: links


Create Links

To create links, go in the view where you want to add a traked link and instead of using the typical url operations:

{{ url('') }}
{{ route('google') }}

Use the package facade:

{{ Links::url('') }}
{{ Links::route('google') }}

Track Pages

if you want to track down the current page, simply do this:

Note: It uses jQuery!

// If jQuery .js is already included and you don't want conflits:
{!! Links::track() !!}

// If jQuery .js is not included in your view, this will also add it.
{!! Links::track(true) !!}

Quick tip: Adding the track to the views layout will track all pages using that layout once visited!

View the statistics

To view all the links statistics go to the root of the package (the prefix). The default prefix is: links.

Once you are inside the links app. You'll need to login if you're using the default mdiddleware. The default password is: LinksRocks

Once you're in the web app, you're ready to explore the statistics.