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This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-02-21 18:19:40 UTC


This package implements the IIIF Image API 2.1, it is unopinionated about implementation and many of the MUST features are not included because it does not include an actual implementation only the means to create one. I consider it a bring your own framework solution for implementing Image API 2.1 with PHP. The package utilizes the Intervention Image package for manipulations. I have provided Intervention filters for each of the 5 IIIF parameters that can be used independently of the $factory()->load()->withParameters() pipeline methods. I have also provided Regex within config for validation of image request parameters.

Supports all Image Request Parameters:

  • Region (full || square || x,y,w,h || pct:x,y,w,h)
  • Size (full || max || w, || ,h || pct:n || w,h || !w,h)
  • Rotation (n || !n)
  • Quality (color || gray || default)
  • Format (jpg || png || gif || webp)

Supports the info.json response for an identifier.

Currently only tested with 'GD' Libray. If utilizing 'Imagick' more config options may become available.

Laravel image route example:

    function (Request $request) {
        $parameters = $request->route()->parameters();

        $file = storage_path('app/images/'.$parameters['identifier']);

        $factory = new \Conlect\ImageIIIF\ImageFactory;

        $file = $factory()->load($file)

        $response = \Response::make($file);

        $response->header('Content-Type', config("iiif.mime.{$parameters['format']}"));

        return $response;

Laravel info route example:

    function (Request $request) {
        $file = storage_path('app/images/'.$request->identifier);

        $factory = new \Conlect\ImageIIIF\ImageFactory;

        $info = $factory()->load($file)

        return $info;


  • utilize php-vips or create second libvips implemetation
  • setup demo / documentation site
  • Laravel and Slim demo applications
  • figure out how to handle bitonal 1-bit images
  • support more formats (tif, pdf)
  • support optional "sizes" within info.json