This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the con4gis/maps package instead.

Routing bundle with to extend the usual Router from the MapsBundle.

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With con4gis 8 you do not need this bundle anymore. Please install new bundle versions of con4gis/maps.


The routing brick of the Contao GIS-kit con4gis. Extends con4gis MapsBundle.

Adds a control to the con4gis-map, which allows the user to calculate a route and display it on the map. Furthermore it is possible to display features from the OpenStreetMap or from the servers database along the route or in a perimeter around a center.

Features include:

  • Customize the appearance of the router
  • Use different routing engines (Valhalla, Graphhopper, OSRM or OpenRouteService)
  • Display alternative routes
  • Add additional targets between start and end
  • Shows hints for each route part
  • Add data from the OpenStreetMap or your own database, so they are displayed near the route
  • Perimeter search for data from the OpenStreetMap or your own database


Via composer:

composer require con4gis/routing

Alternatively, you can use the Contao Manager to install the con4gis-RoutingBundle.



Visit for a user documentation. You can also contact us via the support forum there.