Editor bundle with to extend the usual editor from the MapsBundle.

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v1.2.2 2019-11-11 09:53 UTC



The con4gis EditorBundle is an extension of the con4gis MapsBundle. It enables a frontend editing tool, which can be used to draw different geometries onto a map.

Main features include:

  • Drawing of single points, line strings, polygons, circles and custom geometries via the freehand draw mode.
  • Custom styling of the different draw styles
  • Semantic categorization of your different draw styles
  • Serverside persistence of the drawn elements
  • The editor uses projects to group map elements. These projects also appear in the starboard and can be switched as they were defined in the backend.


Via composer:

composer require con4gis/editor

Alternatively, you can use the Contao Manager to install the con4gis-EditorBundle.



Visit for a user documentation. You can also contact us via the support forum there.