Rounds store prices to 1/20th - ie: to 0.05 of your currency

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This simple magento 2 module listens to the magento2 internal round() function and rounds the price before to 1/20th (0.05). For example, a value of 1,23 will be rounded up to 1,25 and a value of 0,97 will be rounded down to 0,95.

This functionality is particularly wide-spread in Switzerland, but is not dependent on a specific currency.


  • Magento version 2.0.0 or greater


Using Composer:

composer require comsolit/rappenrunden

Manual Installation (without composer):

Copy the files to app/code/Comsolit/RappenRunden

Enable the Module

In the backend go to: Stores -> Configuration -> Comsolit -> Rappen Runden and under General -> Enable Rappen Runden set the Option to Yes.

Do not forget to refresh your cache.