Music quotes to inspire your coding

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Music's quotes to inspire your coding


It is a component used in comodojo to generate random text for tests or error messages.

It gets music quotes from file resources/quotes, where each line represent a single quote.


  • Using composer:

    composer require comodojo/qotd 1.*

  • Downloading zip from GitHub

    Extract zip & include src/Qotd.php in your file.


  • Getting a simple random quote:

    // create an instance
    $qotd = new \Comodojo\Qotd();
    // get a single quote
    $quote = $qotd->getQuote();
  • Getting all quotes as array:

    // create an instance
    $qotd = new \Comodojo\Qotd();
    // get all quotes
    $array_of_quotes = $qotd->getQuotes();
  • Getting all quotes in id/quote store form (useful for client-side stores test):

    // create an instance
    $qotd = new \Comodojo\Qotd();
    // get all quotes
    $array_of_quotes = $qotd->getQuotesAsStore();



Fell free to add quotes forking this repo, editing resources/quotes and submitting a pull request.


comodojo/qotd is released under the MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.