This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Services used together with dispatcher.plugin.gitdoc to generate documentation with comodojo/dispatcher.framework

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This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2019-02-20 19:51:43 UTC


Gitdoc is a comodojo/dispatcher framework service+plugin bundle used to publish the comodojo::docs website.

This plugin is designed to manage different projects' documentation, mantained as markdown files on multiple GitHub repositories.

Build and presentation processes are triggered via GitHub push/tag events; on each (supported) event message, whole docs archive is downloaded from GitHub and parsed to compose static html.


  1. Install comodojo/dispatcher via composer.

  2. Require comodojo/dispatcher.servicebundle.gitdoc package:

    commposer require comodojo/dispatcher.servicebundle.gitdoc dev-master

  3. Ensure that downloads and docs folders inside dispatcher project are readable/writeable by apache user and add following two lines to dispatcher-config.php:

  4. Create gitdoc.json file under config directory; file content should follow this schema:

         "sitename": "Foo docs",
         "description": "Foo Documentation",
         "showHeader": true,
         "showFooter": true,
         "links": {
             "External link": ""
         "projects": [
                 "name": "bar",
                 "description": "the bar project",
                 "docId": "bar",
                 "hash": "myReallySecureGitHubWebhookHash"
    • showHeader and showFooter are boolean values: if true, header and footer information sections will be displayed
    • each link in links object will add an external href to the top/right menu item
    • each project in project object will declare a new documentation section:
      • name: docsite name
      • description
      • docId (see next section to understand how to use it)
      • hash (optional): secret hook hash
  5. Setup a WebHook on GitHub repository:

    • Payload URL:[docId - as in previous section]/
    • Content type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
    • Secret: hash parameter as in previous section
    • Events: select Create, Delete, Push

Your docsite is now ready to receive updates.

Repository summary

Repository should contain markdown files, one for each chapter, plus one summary.json file like this:

    "title": "Foo docs",
    "subtitle": "My fantastic project",
    "chapters": {
        "First chapter": "",
        "Second chapter": "",
        "Foo chapter": "",
        "Conclusions": ""

In chapters object, keys will become chapters name added directly in html.

h1 (#) and h2 (##) headings will be linked to left-sidebar srollspy.


Just navigate to to show your documentation.

Dispatcher will inject routes automatically, one for each project that received at least 1 update.

Because of this behaviour, it is strongly suggested to not add other rules/services into dispatcher instance used to publish docs.