container-interop aware command-bus

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Micro-Service Command/Event Framework

Commander maps a HTTP Request to a Command Handler and listens for Framework Events.

How to use

  1. Write a Command Handler

    • Make sure to Fire CompletedEvent
    • Make sure to Fire ErrorEvent
  2. Tell commander what end-point the handler is for

  3. Do something with your Event

Use Cases

Currently we only support JSON APIs.

Simple Example

$commander = new Commander();
$this->commander->get('/user/{id}', 'user.cache.get', SimpleGetUserHandler::class);

//In SimpleGetUserHandler
class SimpleGetUserHandler extends Handler
     * @param CommandInterface $command
    public function handle(CommandInterface $command)
        $this->eventBus->notify(CompletedEvent::makeEvent(['id' => '1'])); //fill in the user info

Why ??

  • CQRS!
  • Less Boilerplate.
  • Greater Testability.
  • No Controllers or Controller Actions...
  • Better Resource Usage

Framework Events

You can subscribe to the following Framework Events

  • Framework.Complete

    • This event is raised when the response has been completed
    • Payload: User Defined
  • Framework.Error

    • This event is raised if there has been an error somewhere
    • Payload: User Defined or Framework Errors are ["message" => "..."]
  • Framework.CommandBus.Handle

    • This event is fired when a Command Handler is about to be executed
    • Payload: [CommandKey]
  • Framework.Invoke

    • This event is fired when a Command is about to be fired to the command bus
    • Payload: ["commandKey" => "", "commandClass" => ""]
  • Framework.EventBus.Notify

    • This event is fired when an Event is about to be sent to the EventBus.
    • Will not propagate Framework.EventBus.Notify's
    • Payload: callable... [$object, "method"]


  • Event Payloads
    • JsonPayload
    • TextPayload
    • XMLPayload