App structure built with the Laravel Lumen Framework and Angular.

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## Brush - beta (version 0.3.0) ([Brush 2.0]( is under development using Angular 2) #### App Scaffolding for laravel lumen and angular based projects: Brush use Laravel's micro framework lumen as a base and build an amazing UI on top of it which provide you quick and easy way to jump start your app. Best part of brush is, it comes with 2 different UI: one for landing page and other for dashboard from same CSS and JS vendor files but different config files. This gives you flexibility to have different look on Customer facing vs admin dashboard.

Technology stack

Jump Start your app today...


  • php 5.6 or above
  • node.js 4 or above
  • composer

Steps to get started:

  • git clone
  • composer install && npm install
  • gulp

if above command doesn't work the try adding sudo

  • sudo composer install && npm install
  • gulp

Now change the name of your .env.example file to .env

Database setup steps

For database tables and seeding we have created 2 tables Users and Roles, to create table in your database, execute below commands

Set your db details in .env file and execute from project root folder

  • php artisan migrate
  • php artisan db:seed

To run locally for making changes and develop your app use below command from root folder

  • php -S localhost:8000 -t public

After these steps go to : http://localhost:8000 or point MAMP, XAMP or WAMP servers to brush/public directory

You should see Brush landing page


Just run

  • npm start Above command will start server and also watch for your changes.

To bundle and ship brush just execute below gulp command from root folder:

  • gulp build --env prod or
  • npm run build

This will create a in target folder. Just place the zip in your server and explode.

Quick links

User Details:

  • Update themes in brush-config.json file option: "themeName"
  • materializecss (90% ready)
  • bootstrap (100% ready)
  • material (Under development)
  • Or design you own theme and use option themename: your_theme

Note: Use "npm start" while in development node

: This project is in alpha right now, feel free to contribute and if you want any feature that you feel is useful for this application send us at we will try to add it to the brush.