SDK to talk with API (Guzzle 6)

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Last update: 2022-09-17 17:27:33 UTC


This is a fork of the great jippi/vault-php-sdk project. That project is using Guzzle 4/5 and upgrading to Guzzle 6 would cause some backwards-incompatible changes. My version of the project is is using Guzzle 6 (thanks @stevenscg for doing most of that work) and also has more services implemented. For now, I've only implemented those that I need, but I will do others in the future. Feel free to submit PRs. I plan to add tests in the future too.


This library can be installed with composer:

composer require codific/vault-php-sdk


The simple way to use this SDK, is to instantiate the service factory:

$sf = new Codific\Vault\ServiceFactory();

Then, a service could be retrieve from this factory:

$sys = $sf->get('sys');

Finally, make a call on the service

echo 'The vault ' . ($sys->sealed() ? 'is' : 'is not') . ' sealed';

All services methods follow the same convention:

$response = $service->method($mandatoryArgument, $someOptions);
  • All API mandatory arguments are placed as first;
  • All API optional arguments are directly mapped from $someOptions;
  • Most methods return raw guzzle response, but there are some exceptions (like $sys->sealed() from the example above).


The examples directory is a pure extract from jippi's CakePHP 3 app using the SDK - its crude, but should show the basics of the SDK

Available services

  • sys
  • data
  • auth/token
  • auth/userpass
  • transit