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This Nova tool lets you:

  • run artisan commands
  • specify options for commands
  • get command result
  • view commands history

screenshot of the command runner tool


You can install the nova tool in to a Laravel app that uses Nova via composer:

composer require guratr/nova-command-runner

Next up, you must register the tool with Nova. This is typically done in the tools method of the NovaServiceProvider.

// in app/Providers/NovaServiceProvder.php

// ...

public function tools()
    return [
        // ...
        new \Guratr\CommandRunner\CommandRunner,

Publish the config file:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Guratr\CommandRunner\ToolServiceProvider"

Add your commands to config/nova-command-runner.php

Available options:

  • run : command to run (E.g. route:cache)
  • options : arrary of options for command (e.g. ['--allow' => ['']])
  • type : button class (primary, secondary, success, danger, warning, info, light, dark, link)
  • group: Group name (optional)


Click on the "Command Runner" menu item in your Nova app to see the tool.