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About extention

This extension allows you to organize the collection of data about website visitors. Data is stored in a database.

What visitor data is collected

Javascript and php are used to get information about visitors:

By Javascript:

  • Detect if client cookie enabled
  • Detect if java enabled
  • Detect if client has totuch device
  • Timezone offset
  • Type connection (like 4g etc.)
  • Current url
  • Referer url
  • Client screen width
  • Client screen height
  • Client color depth
  • Client browser language
  • Client history length
  • Client processor ram

By php:

  • Visitor ip address
  • Visitor user agent
  • Visitor referer url
  • Server name
  • Auth user id
  • Port
  • Cookies http
  • Os
  • Client info
  • Client device type (desctop etc.)
  • Device brand
  • Client device model (if detect)
  • Detect is bot
  • Host by ip
  • Is proxy or vpn
  • Date and time visit


The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

First download module . Run the command in the terminal:

composer require "coderius/yii2-hit-counter"

or add in composer.json

"coderius/yii2-hit-counter": "^1.0"

and run composer update

Run migrations in root folder project:

php yii migrate/to m190926_110717_hit_counter__table --migrationPath=@coderius/hitCounter/migrations


Include module in app config file. In advanced template go to common/main.php and set to config array next params:

    $conf = [
    $conf['modules']['hitCounter'] = [
            'class' => 'coderius\hitCounter\Module',

    $conf['bootstrap'][] = 'coderius\hitCounter\config\Bootstrap';

In view file past hit counter widget:

<?= \coderius\hitCounter\widgets\hitCounter\HitCounterWidget::widget([]); ?>


For tests neded test database and tables. Documentation about creating test db is at tests/_app/

In order to run the tests you need to do the following:

  • Set alias in terminal to phpunit:
alias phpunit="/var/www/html/yii2-hit-counter/vendor/bin/phpunit"
  • Go to root folder module 'yii2-hit-counter' in terminal and run tests: