Language support for Laravel Nova.

1.5.0 2020-09-07 18:23 UTC


Laravel Nova Lang

Language files for Laravel Nova translated into 40+ languages.

This is not an official Laravel package, but is built from community contributions. If you are able to help by submitting a new language, reviewing an existing language, or adding missing keys, please read our contributing guidelines and raise a PR.


composer require coderello/laravel-nova-lang


Publish Command

  • Publish translations for one language:

    php artisan nova-lang:publish de
  • Publish translations for multiple languages (comma-separated):

    php artisan nova-lang:publish de,ru
  • Publish translations for all available languages:

    php artisan nova-lang:publish --all
  • Publish translations and override existing files:

    php artisan nova-lang:publish de,ru --force


The language codes chosen for the files in this repository may not match the preferences for your project. You can use the ‑‑alias option to publish locales using a different filename.

  • Publish translations for one language with an alias, using the simple format {alias}:

    php artisan nova-lang:publish de --alias=de-DE

    This will publish the file de-DE.json.

  • Publish translations for multiple languages with multiple aliases, using the format {locale}:{alias} (comma-separated):

    php artisan nova-lang:publish de,ru,fr --alias=de:de-DE,ru:ru-RU

    This will publish the files de-DE.json, ru-RU.json and fr.json (no alias).

  • Aliases can also be used with the --all flag:

    php artisan nova-lang:publish --all --alias=es:es-ES

    You do not need to supply an alias for every locale that is to be published, only those that you wish to override.

  • Here are some example aliases for common use cases:

    • Use Chinese with scripts instead of regions: zh-CN:zh-Hans,zh-TW:zh-Hant
    • Default to Brazilian Portuguese over European: pt:pt-PT,pt-BR:pt
    • Default to Serbian in Latin script over Cyrillic: sr-Latn:sr,sr:sr-Cyrl
  • There is also an ‑‑underscore or ‑U switch to publish locales with an underscore separator instead of a hyphen. This can be used in combination with aliases.

Development Commands (debug mode only)

You must have the app.debug config option set to true for these commands to be available:

Missing Command

This command is to assist contributors to find any untranslated keys for their chosen language.

A stub JSON file will be created at storage_path('app/nova-lang/missing/{locale}.json'). You can copy those keys into the resources/lang/{locale}.json language file in your own fork of the repository, translate them and create a pull request.

  • Output missing translation keys for one or more languages:
php artisan nova-lang:missing de,ru
  • Output missing translation keys for all languages:
php artisan nova-lang:missing --all

Reorder Command

This command is to assist contributors to ensure that the translation keys for their chosen language are in the same order as the en.json source file from Laravel Nova.

If you have imported the keys you are translating into a translation string management tool, the original order of the keys may be lost when you reexport the file. This makes the diff difficult to read because it will highlight all keys rather than just those which you have added or updated.

A new JSON file will be created at storage_path('app/nova-lang/reorder/{locale}.json'). You can copy the contents of this file to resources/lang/{locale}.json in your fork before you raise a PR.

  • Output reordered translation keys for one or more languages:
php artisan nova-lang:reorder de,ru
  • Output reordered translation keys for all languages:
php artisan nova-lang:reorder --all

Country Names Command

This command is to assist contributors to download the country names automatically from the Unicode Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR). We use the CLDR as the definitive source for country names, as described in the contribution guidelines.

A new JSON file will be created at storage_path('app/nova-lang/countries/{locale}.json'). You can merge the keys from this file into resources/lang/{locale}.json in your fork before you raise a PR.

  • Output country names for one or more languages:
php artisan nova-lang:country de,ru
  • Output country names for all languages:
php artisan nova-lang:country --all

Stats Command

This command is to assist maintainers to update the completeness of each language and list of contributors in this README file.

A and contributors.json file will be created at storage_path('app/nova-lang'). You can copy those files into your own fork of the repository and create a pull request.

  • Output list of languages, lines translated and contributors:
php artisan nova-lang:stats

Ensure you have created a GitHub personal access token and saved it as a GITHUB_TOKEN_NOVALANG env variable in your master Laravel application in order to download the most recent contributions.

Available Languages

Note: There is no need to update the count of translated strings and add your username below, as this is done by script when your PR is merged.

Total languages 42
Total lines translated 16,209 (94.6%)

Code Language Translated files Lines translated Thanks to
en English php json 408 (100%) taylorotwell, bonzai, davidhemphill, jbrooksuk, themsaid, kitbs, dillingham
ar Arabic php json 408 (100%) saleem-hadad, danyelkeddah, omarfathy13, CaddyDz, i3asm, Arryan
cs Czech php json 408 (100%) walaskir, theimerj, genesiscz, walaski
nl Dutch php json 408 (100%) DannyvdSluijs, happyDemon, steefmin, jschram, sebastiaanspeck, preliot, webovatenl, daniel-de-wit
fr French php json 408 (100%) MarceauKa, Yannik-Slym, InfinityWebMe, kitbs, shaffe-fr, Arryan, voidgraphics, KillianH
de German php json 408 (100%) pille1842, shieraki, kitbs, tobiasthaden, dakira
hu Hungarian php json 408 (100%) milli05, bgeree, lintaba
id Indonesian php json 408 (100%) dvlwj, opanegro
es Spanish php json 408 (100%) kitbs, joebordes, ajmariduena, iksaku, IGedeon, Arryan, kennyhorna, miktown, xcodinas, dgtal, rodrigore
it Italian php json 407 (99.8%) (unknown), alfonsocuccaro, manuelcoppotelli, dejdav
ru Russian php json 407 (99.8%) hivokas, sanasol, den1n, deadem, soulshockers, estim
pt‑BR Brazilian Portuguese php json 406 (99.5%) henryavila, pedrofurtado, eduardokum, saulo-silva, chbbc, IgorDePaula, emtudo
ca Catalan php json 406 (99.5%) joebordes, gerardnll
nb Norwegian Bokmål php json 405 (99.3%) einar-johan
ro Romanian php json 405 (99.3%) BTeodorWork, dtix, alexgiuvara
sv Swedish php json 405 (99.3%) tanjemark, slackernrrd
tr Turkish php json 405 (99.3%) jnbn, bureken, Milkhan, sineld, dilekuzulmez
uk Ukrainian php json 405 (99.3%) soulshockers, Ostap34JS, osbre
uz‑Latn Uzbek (Latin) php json 405 (99.3%) shokhaa
af Afrikaans php json 400 (98%) medlion
bs Bosnian php json 400 (98%) hajro92
ja Japanese php json 400 (98%) Tsumagari, storyn26383
fa Farsi php json 399 (97.8%) alirezamirsepassi, mziraki, zareismail
tk Turkmen php json 399 (97.8%) kakajansh
pl Polish php json 397 (97.3%) pzmarzly, Strus, marekfilip, mslepko, wiktor-k
zh‑CN Chinese (Simplified) php json 393 (96.3%) jcc, zacksleo, masterwto
zh‑TW Chinese (Traditional) php json 393 (96.3%) CasperLaiTW, zacksleo, storyn26383
pt Portuguese php json 377 (92.4%) Pedrocssg
da Danish php json 356 (87.3%) olivernybroe, rugaard, peterchrjoergensen
eu Basque php json 354 (86.8%) JonPaternain
hr Croatian php json 352 (86.3%) defart, walaski
fil Filipino php json 352 (86.3%) granaderos
fi Finnish php json 352 (86.3%) Krisseck
ka Georgian php json 352 (86.3%) akalongman
hi Hindi php json 352 (86.3%) bantya
sr Serbian (Cyrillic) php json 352 (86.3%) marjanovicsteva
sr‑Latn Serbian (Latin) php json 352 (86.3%) marjanovicsteva
sk Slovak php json 352 (86.3%) hejty
sl Slovenian php json 352 (86.3%) morpheus7CS
lt Lithuanian php json 351 (86%) minved
bg Bulgarian php json 349 (85.5%) BKirev
tl Tagalog php json 345 (84.6%) rcjavier

Missing Languages

The following languages are supported for the main Laravel framework by the excellent caouecs/laravel-lang package. We would love for our package to make these languages available for Nova as well. If you are able to contribute to any of these or other languages, please read our contributing guidelines and raise a PR.

Parity with caouecs/laravel-lang 40/75 (53.3%)

Code Language Lines translated
sq Albanian 0 (0%)
az Azerbaijani 0 (0%)
bn Bangla 0 (0%)
be Belarusian 0 (0%)
zh‑HK Chinese (Hong Kong) 0 (0%)
et Estonian 0 (0%)
gl Galician 0 (0%)
de‑CH German (Switzerland) 0 (0%)
el Greek 0 (0%)
hy Armenian 0 (0%)
he Hebrew 0 (0%)
is Icelandic 0 (0%)
kn Kannada 0 (0%)
kk Kazakh 0 (0%)
km Khmer 0 (0%)
ko Korean 0 (0%)
lv Latvian 0 (0%)
mk Macedonian 0 (0%)
ms Malay 0 (0%)
mr Marathi 0 (0%)
mn Mongolian 0 (0%)
cnr Montenegrin 0 (0%)
ne Nepali 0 (0%)
nn Norwegian Nynorsk 0 (0%)
ps Pashto 0 (0%)
sc Sardinian 0 (0%)
si Sinhala 0 (0%)
sw Swahili 0 (0%)
tg Tajik 0 (0%)
th Thai 0 (0%)
ur Urdu 0 (0%)
ug Uyghur 0 (0%)
uz‑Cyrl Uzbek (Cyrillic) 0 (0%)
vi Vietnamese 0 (0%)
cy Welsh 0 (0%)