PHPUnit Emoji Result Printer

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PHPUnit Emoji Result Printer

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Via Composer

$ composer require coderabbi/phpumoji --dev

To enable PHPUnit emoji output, add the following two lines to the opening element of your phpunit.xml:



Usage of PHPUnit is unchanged with coderabbi/phpumoji.


Select a Different Emojiset

If you wish to select an emojiset for PHPUnit emoji output, add the following additional line to the opening element of your phpunit.xml, specifying your selection:


Create a Custom Emojiset

The default emojiset is 'phpumoji'; currently that is the only emojiset available (soon, grasshopper... 😎).

If, however, you wish to create your own emojiset for PHPUnit emoji output, simply place an .emojifile in your project root and define your emojiset in the following format:

error = bomb
failure = poop
incomplete = construction
risky= game_die
skipped = see_no_evil
pass = elephant

error = no_entry
failure = red_flag
incomplete = question
risky= clown
skipped = ghost
pass = monkey

Note that the values in the emojiset are snake-cased emoji short codes without the opening and closing colons; most existing short codes are supported, a list of supported shortcodes will be added soon.

You may choose to override one or more of the packaged emojisets (as in the case of "phumoji", above, which overrides the default emojiset), or you may define your own (as in the case of "weird", above).

Don't forget to update the opening element of your phpunit.xml with emojiset="<your_selection>", just as you would to select one of the non-default packaged emojisets.

The order of precedence is the specified emojiset in .emojifile, the specified emojiset from the packaged emojisets, the "phpumoji" emojiset from your .emojifile, and finally the the "phpumoji" emojiset from the packaged emojisets.


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$ composer test


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