A set of awesome Gutenberg Blocks!

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General structure of this module should be as the following:

  • Load the transpiled code from the build dir, aka the "dist" folder.
  • The functionality for each block should be isolated in it's own folder inside the blocks dir.
  • If a block needs server side rendering than it should have an extension class of the Base_Block class.
  • Any server side data handling should happen in the store.

You can include this library like this::

if ( class_exists( '\ThemeIsle\GutenbergBlocks\Main' ) ) {
	\ThemeIsle\GutenbergBlocks\Main::instance( __( 'Orbit Fox', 'textdomain' ) );

You also need to enqueue Font Awesome 5 for this module to work. Font Awesome 4 shims are recommended to avoid conflict with plugins, but not required.


This repository uses conventional changelog commit messages to trigger release

How to release a new version:

  • Clone the master branch
  • Do your changes
  • Send a PR to master and merge it using the following subject message
    • release: <release short description> - for patch release
    • release(minor): <release short description> - for minor release
    • release(major): <release short description> - for major release The release notes will inherit the body of the commit message which triggered the release. For more details check the simple-preset that we use.