Sends a message to Slack when something goes wrong with your Laravel application.

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This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-05-16 20:23:39 UTC


Sends messages to Slack with your Laravel application.

This package provides:

  • Post Command

    Send message to slack with a Laravel command.

  • Stats Command

    Send stats about your Laravel app with this customizable command.

  • Exceptions handler

    Output to Slack useful information about exceptions when they occurred.

  • Failed jobs handler

    Get alerted when a job failed.

  • Scheduled commands reporting

    Keep an eye on the result of your scheduled commands.


  • Laravel 5.1 or greater
  • PHP 5.5.9 or greater


You can install the package using the Composer package manager. You can install it by running this command in your project root:

composer require codegym/laravel-slack-output

You need to include the service provider and the facade in your Laravel app.

Add the service provider to the providers array in config/app.php:

'providers' => [

and then add the facade to your aliases array:

'aliases' => [
  'SlackOutput' => CodeGym\SlackOutput\Facade\SlackOutput::class,

Publish the configuration file with:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="CodeGym\SlackOutput\ServiceProvider"

You need to add the webhook URL to the configuration file in order for the package to post to Slack. Create an incoming webhook on your Slack account. Copy the webhook url and open config/slack-output.php and set the webhook url to endpoint.

If null is set for any, the package will fall back on the default settings set by the webhook.


Post Command

The command slack:post posts message to Slack. It can take as arguments:

  • message: the message to send
  • to: the channel or person to post to
  • attach: the attachment payload

You can find information about the attach argument here:

You can call it by the running the command:

php artisan slack:post "Hello, I'm a bot" #channel

You can also call it in your Laravel app:

Artisan::call('slack:post', [
  'to' => "#api-output",
  'attach' => $someAttachment,
  'message' => "Hello, I'm a bot"

Note the Artisan::call, the command will be executed in background and will not block the current request.

Stats command

The command slack:stats send useful stats about your app to slack.

You need to configure this command by setting in config/slack-output.php the Eloquent classes and dates you prefer.

You can add constraints to the classes to limit the number of counted data.

'classes' => [
	  \App\Models\User::class => [
		  'is_active' => true //optional constraint

The dates array is the form 'name of the date' => Carbon::instance(). Like:

'dates' => [
	'yesterday' => \Carbon\Carbon::yesterday(),
	'last week' => \Carbon\Carbon::today()->subWeek(1)

To schedule this command every day, simple add to app/Console/Kernel.php:

protected function schedule(Schedule $schedule)

Exceptions handler

To report useful exception to Slack, open app/Exceptions/Handler.php, and transform it like:

use CodeGym\SlackOutput\Facade\SlackOutput;


public function report(Exception $e)
  if ($this->shouldReport($e)) {


This will only reports exceptions that are not in the $dontReport array in the same file.

Failed jobs handler

To report failed jobs to Slack, open app/Providers/AppServiceProvider.php, and transform it like:

use CodeGym\SlackOutput\Facade\SlackOutput;


public function boot()
  Queue::failing(function (JobFailed $job) {

Scheduled commands reporting

To report the output of scheduled commands to Slack, open app/Console/Kernel.php, and transform it like:

use CodeGym\SlackOutput\Facade\SlackOutput;


protected function schedule(Schedule $schedule)


If you have problems, found a bug or have a feature suggestion, please add an issue on GitHub. Pull requests are also welcomed!


This package is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license