Encryption package of the CodeCollab project

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Encryption package of the CodeCollab project

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Include the library in your project using composer:

    "require-dev": {
        "codecollab/encryption": "^2"


This library provides common interfaces and exceptions for handling crypto in your applications.

Generating key

Before being able to encrypt/decrypt data a key needs to be generated / added. To generate a new key use:

$key = (new \CodeCollab\Encryption\Defusev2\Key())->generate();

Note: keys should always be stored in a secure location and should never be made public.

Note: all key share the common CodeCollab\Encryption\Key interface.


$encryptedData = (new \CodeCollab\Encryption\Defusev2\Encryptor($key))->encrypt('the data to encrypt');

Note: all encryptors share the common CodeCollab\Encryption\Encryptor interface.


$decryptedData = (new \CodeCollab\Encryption\Defusev2\Decryptor($key))->decrypt($encryptedData);

Note: all decryptors share the common CodeCollab\Encryption\Decryptor interface.

To decrypt old data encrypted with v1* of this library use the deprecated:

$decryptedData = (new \CodeCollab\Encryption\Defuse\Decryptor($key))->decrypt($encryptedData);

Using your current key. For newly encrypted data create a new and separate key.


This library may emit two different exceptions:

  • \CodeCollab\Encryption\CryptoException
  • \CodeCollab\Encryption\FraudException

It is important to properly handle these exceptions in your applications.


This exception gets thrown when a key could not be generated or when a message could not be en- / decrypted because of system errors.


This exception gets thrown when there has been suspected tampering with messages. This exception should be handled like the message has been tampered with and precautions should be taken.


When upgrading from from v1* to v2* of this library there are breaking changes.

It's not possible anymore to generate a new key or encrypt data using the obsolete CodeCollab\Encryption\Defuse\Key and CodeCollab\Encryption\Defuse\Encrypt classes.

The CodeCollab\Encryption\Defuse package has been superseded by the ``CodeCollab\Encryption\Defusev2` package.

Decrypting of data is still possible using the deprecated CodeCollab\Encryption\Defuse\Decrypt::decrypt() method and will be for the foreseeable future.

It is however strongly advised to re-encrypt old data using the new CodeCollab\Encryption\Defusev2 package.

The workflow for this will be:

  • Generate a new key using the new CodeCollab\Encryption\Defusev2\Key::generate() method (But don't overwrite the current key yet!)
  • Decrypt the data using the current key and the CodeCollab\Encryption\Defuse\Decrypt::decrypt() method
  • Encrypt the data using the new CodeCollab\Encryption\Defusev2\Encrypt::encrypt() method with the newly generate key
  • Newly encrypted data can now be decrypted using the new CodeCollab\Encryption\Defusev2\Decrypt::decrypt() method


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Security issues

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