A plugin to add year, month, and day archives for custom post types.

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Last update: 2020-04-03 17:26:15 UTC


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This mu-plugin adds support for date based archives for public custom post types that are registered with the has_archive property set to true. It adds rules for year, month, and date archives.

For example, if you register a custom post type of books for a website at, the following URLs will be be active if you are using pretty permalinks (providing posts fit within the timeframe) :


This plugin requires PHP 5.3 or later and WordPress 3.0 or later.


The preferred installation method is via Composer. This plugin can be found on Packagist.

Additionally, you can download a release and then upload to the mu-plugins directory. You will need to add file in the mu-plugins directory that loads the cpt-date-archives.php file from the plugin root directory.


Contributions are welcome. Please fork the project and submit via Pull Request. Please adhere to the WordPress Coding Standards.