Sitemap and sitemap index builder for Jigsaw.

v1.3.1 2022-11-09 14:11 UTC

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Last update: 2022-11-09 14:12:13 UTC


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Sitemap and sitemap index builder for Jigsaw.


Add as an event listener in bootstrap.php.

use CliveWalkden\JigsawSitemap\SitemapListener;

 * An afterBuild event is fired after the build is complete, and all output files
 * have been written to the build directory. This allows you to obtain a list of
 * the output file paths (to use, for example, when creating a sitemap.xml file),
 * programmatically create output files, or take care of any other post-processing tasks.
 * @link

Note: You can exclude files from the sitemap by adding the following to your config.php:

'sitemap' => [
    'url_trailing_slash' => true,
    'exclude' => [
        // ...
    'image_sitemap' => [
        'generate' => true,
        'filename' => 'sitemap_images.xml',
        'extensions' => [
            // ...

Laravel 6 Updates (Jigsaw 1.3.16+)

Updates to make the plugin work with Laravel 6 components used in Jigsaw 1.3.16+ were made by Clive Walkden. All previous work was done by Ryan Scherler.


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