Backup/restore environment variables: globals, static vars, configs

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Backup/restore environment variables: globals and static vars. This is very useful for initializing environment for a test. Keep the current state of the environment from interfering with other tests.

You can add "Parameters" to the environment, each "applying" and "restoring" a specific super global or static property of a class, you can even keep a precice state of the filesystem.

  • GlobalParam - used for setting / restoring '_POST', '_GET', '_FILES', '_SERVER', '_COOKIE' and '_SESSION'
  • ServerParam - used specifically for '_SERVER' super global so you can set / restore only some of its contents, e.g. REMOTE_HOST', 'CLIENT_IP ...
  • StaticParam - used for setting / restoring static properties of classes, it can handle protected and private ones too.
  • FileParam - used for setting / restoring files and their contents. Ensures a certain file and its content are present, and restore previous state
  • DirectoryParam - used for setting / restoring a whole dir with all of its contents. Ensures a certain dir and its content are present, and restore previous state


use CL\EnvBackup\Env;
use CL\EnvBackup\GlobalParam;
use CL\EnvBackup\ServerParam;
use CL\EnvBackup\StaticParam;

$env = new Env(array(
    new GlobalParam('_POST', array('new post name' => 'val')),
    new ServerParam('REMOTE_ADDR', ''),
    new StaticParam('MyClass', 'private_var', 10)
    new FileParam('/path/to/file', 'file content')
    new DirectoryParam('/path/to/dir', array(
        'file1.txt' => 'file contents',
        'inner_dir' => array(
            'inner_file1.csv' => 'a, b',
            'inner_file2.txt' => 'test',


// Do some stuff that changes / uses these variables
// ...


ServerParam in CLI

In CLI environment, $_SERVER variables are very different than if the script is run by apache or cgi. If you want to use env-backup in such an environment, you can pass ServerParam::CLI like this:

$env = new Env(array(
    new ServerParam('HOME', '/test/home', ServerParam::CLI),
    new ServerParam('argc', 4, ServerParam::CLI),


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Under BSD-3-Clause license, read LICENSE file.