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Currency Conversion for the Money package

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Currency Conversion for the Money package


Convert £100 to corresponding € amount, based on the daily rate of the European Central Bank

use CL\CurrencyConvert\Converter;
use CL\FileCache\ItemPool;
use SebastianBergmann\Money\GBP;
use SebastianBergmann\Money\Currency;

Converter::initialize(new ECBSource(new ItemPool()));

$hundred_pounds = new GBP(10000);

$converted = Converter::get()->convert($hundred_pounds, new Currency('EUR'));

You have to initialize the converter with a source object - default is ECBSource. It also requires a cache pool object (based on PSR Cache)


Copyright (c) 2014, Clippings Ltd. Developed by Ivan Kerin

Under BSD-3-Clause license, read LICENSE file.