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Special TinyMCE plugin that that adds a Font Awesome icon selector to the editor

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Contao Extension: TinyMceFontAwesome

Special TinyMCE plugin that that adds a Font Awesome icon selector to the editor.

The sources of this plugin could be found here.

FontAwesome version: 4.7.0 FontAwesome-Plugin version: 2.1.0


Install the extension via composer: cliffparnitzky/tiny-mce-font-awesome.

If you prefer to install it manually, download the latest release here:



  • Contao version >= 4.4.0




Additional information

Special notes

In the backend, the CSS file for the Font Awesome icons will automatically be integrated.

For the frontend, it has to be defined in the themes:

Screenshot theme settings

Change URL to Font Awesome CSS file

Sometime it will be necessary to change the URL to the Font Awesome CSS file (e.g. in https environment).

Add the following line to your system/config/dcaconfig.php and modify it (this way is update save):


Information in the wiki

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