The secure Pseudo Random Number Generator (PRNG) for PHP.

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The secure Pseudo Random Number Generator PRNG for PHP.

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  • Provides a secure PRNG: pseudo random number generator (64-Bit support)
  • OOP facade to PHP core functionality
  • High performance (developed using a profiler)
  • Lightweight and high-quality codebase (following PSR standards e.g. PSR-1,2,4)
  • Stable, clean + well documented code
  • Unit-tested with a good coverage


Generate random number between 1 and 10 using OPEN_SSL random bytes (library default):

$generator = new \Clickalicious\Rng\Generator();
$number    = $generator->generate(1, 10);
echo $number;

Generate random number between 1 and 10 using PHP_MERSENNE_TWISTER random bytes:

$generator = new \Clickalicious\Rng\Generator(\Clickalicious\Rng\Generator::MODE_PHP_MERSENNE_TWISTER);
$number    = $generator->generate(1, 10);
echo $number;

Generate 16 random bytes using MODE_OPEN_SSL random bytes (library default):

$generator = new \Clickalicious\Rng\Generator();
$bytes     = $generator->getRandomBytes(16);

Generate 32 random bytes using NATIVE-PHP random bytes:

$generator = new \Clickalicious\Rng\Generator();
$bytes     = $generator->getRandomBytes(32);


You can create a visualization of randomization (as you can see below but larger size) through visual.php » (the file is located in root). As you may see: The first square (light grey) is the default PHP random generated noise which is aligned by a pattern (you will see in the large version of the picture). The following three squares a generated using a more secure generator like Open-SSL for example.

Logo of rng


  • PHP >= 5.6 (compatible up to version 7.2 as well as HHVM)


This library provides a state of the art PRNG (Pseudo Random Number Generator) implementation to generate secure Pseudo Random Numbers with PHP. The generation is either based on Open SSL or MCrypt or as fallback on PHP's internal functionality. The library also provides a very good Seed generator on puplic API. If you are interested in the difference between real and pseduo randomness then you could start at

Scott Adams

DILBERT © 2001 Scott Adams.


For a consistent versioning i decided to make use of Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 Its easy to understand, very common and known from many other software projects.


  • No open issues.

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Security Issues

If you encounter a (potential) security issue don't hesitate to get in contact with us before releasing it to the public. So i get a chance to prepare and release an update before the issue is getting shared. Thank you!

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