Blazing fast data modeling and enrichment

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What's inside?

The "EAV Manager" or "Clever Data Manager" (CDM) is an extensive set of tools designed to build business-oriented data repositories in Symfony.

It consists of several bundles put together to speed-up data modeling, data transformation and user interface development.


The CDM was designed using the same philosophy than the Symfony framework, using many small independent "bricks" that provide simple but easily extendable features.

We didn't want to create a full-stack solution with a huge coupling between its components but instead focus on keeping things simple and reusable.


Either use the EAVManager starter kit or follow these steps:


To understand the various configurations needed in order to create a full-scale application using this bundle, you need to take a look at the inner components under the hood:


You need to check several different bundle documentation that are stored in different places:

Only the checked entries are completed.


Only the checked entries are completed.


Data management


Going further


Advanced concepts