Parse PHP classes and writes documentation to markdown files

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Image of example documentation

phpdoc-md is a tool to generate nicely looking documentation from PHPDOC comments.

It allows to generate documentation markdown files easy to read and follow directly on github, gitlab or bitbucket sites.

You can see an example documentation generated by this tool in here

The intention of this tool is little bit different then standard PHPDocumentator. It focus on class instances and generates documentation from public methods at first place. Whenever class inherits from some other class the full interface from parent and child will be presented as part of it but inherited methods will be placed in separate section.

How to use it?

phpdoc-md is configured via single (php format) .phpdoc-md file located in your project root directory.

Example of .phpdoc-md file:

return (object)[
    'rootNamespace' => 'Clean\PhpDocMd\Example', 
    'destDirectory' => 'docs',
    'format' => 'github',
    'classes' => [