Twitter strategy for Opauth

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Twitter strategy for Opauth, based on Opauth-OAuth.

Getting started

  1. Install Opauth-Twitter:

    cd path/to/app/root
    composer require opauth/twitter:dev-wip/1.0
  2. Create Twitter application at

    • Make sure to enter a Callback URL or callback will be disallowed. Callback URL can be a made up one as Opauth will explicitly provide the correct one as part of the OAuth process.
    • Register your domains at @Anywhere domains. Twitter only allows authentication from authorized domains.
  3. Configure Opauth-Twitter strategy with at least Consumer key and Consumer secret.

  4. Direct user to http://path_to_opauth/twitter to authenticate

Strategy configuration

Required parameters:

'Twitter' => array(
	'key' => 'YOUR CONSUMER KEY',

See Twitter.php for optional parameters.

Opauth-Twitter does "Sign In with Twitter" by default. If you prefer to do a 3-legged OAuth, explicitly add authenticate_url parameter to strategy configuration and set it to


tmhOAuth requires hash_hmac and cURL. hash_hmac is available on PHP 5 >= 5.1.2.



Opauth-Twitter is MIT Licensed Copyright © 2012 U-Zyn Chua (

tmhOAuth is Apache 2 licensed.