An OAuth library written in PHP by @themattharris

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An OAuth library written in PHP by @themattharris.

Disclaimer: This project is a work in progress. Please use the issue tracker to report any enhancements or issues you encounter.


  • Support OAuth 1.0A
  • Use Authorisation headers instead of query string or POST parameters
  • Allow uploading of images
  • Provide enough information to assist with debugging


The library has been tested with PHP 5.3+ and relies on CURL and hash_hmac. The vast majority of hosting providers include these libraries and run with PHP 5.1+.

The code makes use of hash_hmac, which was introduced in PHP 5.1.2. If your version of PHP is lower than this you should ask your hosting provider for an update.

A note about security and SSL

Version 0.60 hardened the security of the library and defaulted curl_ssl_verifypeer to true. As some hosting providers do not provide the most current certificate root file it is now included in this repository. If the version is out of date OR you prefer to download the certificate roots yourself, you can get them from:

If you are getting http code 0 responses inspect $tmhOAuth->response['error'] to see what the problem is. usually code 0 means cacert.pem cannot be found, and it can be fixed by putting cacert.pem in the location tmhOAuth is looking for it (indicated in the $tmhOAuth->response['error'] message), or by setting $tmhOAuth->config['curl_cainfo'] and $tmhOAuth->config['curl_capath'] values. setting $tmhOAuth->config['use_ssl'] to false IS NOT the way to solve this problem.


This will be built out later but for the moment review the examples repository for ways the library can be used. Each example contains instructions on how to use it.

For guidance on how to use composer to install tmhOAuth see the tmhOAuthExamples project.

Notes for users of previous versions

As of version 0.8.0 tmhUtilities is no longer included. If you found them useful open an issue against me and i'll create a new repository for them. version 0.8.0 also ignores $tmhOAuth->config['v']. if you used this before you should instead specify the API version in the path you pass to $tmhOAuth->url

Versions prior to 0.7.3 collapsed headers with the same value into one $tmhOAuth->response['headers'] key. Since 0.7.3 headers with the same key will use an array to store their values.

If you previously used version 0.4 be aware the utility functions have now been broken into their own file. Before you use version 0.5+ in your app test locally to ensure your code doesn't need tmhUtilities included.

If you used custom HTTP request headers when they were defined as 'key: value' strings you should now define them as 'key' => 'value' pairs.

Change History

This is now published on the tmhOAuth wiki


License: Apache 2 (see included LICENSE file)

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