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A bundle of CiviCRM-specific command-line tools. This specifically includes:

  • cv: General purpose administration / Swiss Army knife
  • civistrings: Scan source-code for translatable strings
  • civix: Generate extensions
  • coworker: Execute background jobs

This is intended for site-builders who have composer-based deployments (esp Drupal 9/10). It supports workflows based on composer require, composer update, and vendor-bin.


To add these tools to an existing composer build (e.g. Drupal 9/10 site), run:

composer require civicrm/cli-tools

This adds CiviCRM CLI tools to composer's vendor/bin folder.

You can call commands through composer exec or vendor/bin:

## Example 1: Call cv through `composer exec`
composer exec cv api4 Contact.get +l 1

## Example 2: Call cv through `./vendor/bin`
./vendor/bin/cv api4 Contact.get +l 1

## Example 3: Add cv your PATH
cv api4 Contact.get +l 1

In depth

  • This is like a subset of civicrm-buildkit. It omits general development tools (phpunit), CMS-building tools (drush, wp), standard runtime environments (min, max), and autobuild sites (drupal-clean, wp-demo, etc). This is only the Civi-specific stuff that you would want to add on top of D9/D10 sites.
  • The bridge here has 3 simple pieces:
    1. Download each executable via composer-downloads-plugin (e.g. extern/cv.phar).
    2. Add a stub script (e.g. bin/cv)
    3. Register the stub (bin/cv) for use with composer's vendor/bin/.
  • This layout should be able to leverage composer's platform-specific wiring (e.g. Windows .bat files).