The default theme that comes with CiiMS

3.0.20 2015-08-07 19:40 UTC


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This is the default theme that comes prebundled with CiiMS

Building Assets

Asset management is done via node.js and grunt. To make changes to any of the assets/src files, install the npm dependencies, and regrunt

 npm install

Or use grunt watch

nohup grunt watch &

Before packaging, be sure to run the build command to generate the minified assets

grunt build

Provided Functionlaity

This theme provides the basic functionality to pull Tweets from Twitter, and timeline updates from Facebook and Google+. To make use of these features, you MUST create an application on those services and generate OAuth API Tokens. These keys are added on the /dashboard/settings/social page.

Applications and keys can be generated at the following sites:

Google+: Facebook: Twitter:


The following options are made available through dashboard/settings/theme


Settings to connect to Twitter.

Twitter Handle

The twitter handle of the user you want to retrieve tweets from. eg @charlesportwood

Twitter Tweets to Fetch

The number of tweets you want to retrieve, as an integer


Settings to connect to Facebook.

Facebook User ID

This corresponds to the numerical facebook user id. Use a tool like to retrieve yours


Settings to connect to Google+.

Note that Google+ Settings have 2 sets of keys, a OAuth Key, and a Public API Access Server Key. For these settings to work you'll need a Public API Access Server key added to the dashboard settings page

Google+ User ID

This corresponds to the numerical google+ user id. As of 2014, you can use the instructions found at to retrieve yours.