A PHP class to convert Steam Profile URLS to SteamID, Community, and UserID's

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A single PHP class meant to handle the utility of dealing with the conversion between SteamID formats.

Why use this?

If you want to parse a steam URL without importing an entire library to do so, this is a simple snippet that will return CommunityID, SteamID, UserID, and Profile Thumbnail as an easy-to-reference array of values.


If you wish to use the resolveVanity() or toAvatar() functions, you will need to input a Steam WebAPI Key. Learn more @


You can utilize the source code one of two ways:

  1. Use composer in your project folder
composer require chx2/steamidparser
  1. Copy steamid.class.php from the src/ directory of the repo directly into the location of your choice in your project


To use this, you will need to provide an input to convert as well your SteamWebAPI Key. For example:

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';
$id = new SteamID($input,$api_key);

So if I were to pass my own custom steam url, through the function, if I want to convert this custom URL to a SteamID, I would do the following:

if ($id->resolveVanity()) {
  $communityid = $id->toCommunityID();
  $steamid = $id->toSteamID();
  $userid = '[U:1:'.$id->toUserID().']';

Functions List

Function Name Returns
isID32() Determine if an input ID is in ID32 format.
isID64() Determine if an input ID is in ID64 format.
resolveVanity() Determine if a vanity url is valid.
toAvatar() Return a profile image for the given SteamID.
toCommunityID() Convert the current ID instance to ID64 format.
toSteamID() Convert the current ID instance to ID32 format.
toUserID() Convert the current ID instance to UserID format.
toArray() Convert the current ID instance to an array of all class returned formats.
Final note:

This file uses id conversion functions by