Easily create professional looking vcards

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Last update: 2024-05-08 06:32:10 UTC


This Bundle allows you to easily create simple & professional looking vcards:



  • Produces a set of webpages for each defined profile: (with a customizable prefix)
    • /vcard/jppernaut
    • /vcard/cchazal
    • /vcard/pparvor
  • On click, shows a QR Code containing all the profile information in the vcard vcf format
  • Easily download the .vcf file to be opened in any contacts management tool
  • Easily share the page by sending it as e-mail to a client, friend, relative, ...

Let's get started

To install this bundle inside your existent symfony2 project, follow these instructions:

  1. Require this project

    composer require chteuchteu/corporate-vcards-bundle
  2. Register this bundle in symfony's kernel:

    // app/AppKernel.php
    public function registerBundles()
        $bundles = array(
            // ...
            new Chteuchteu\CorporateVCardsBundle\CorporateVCardsBundle(),
  3. Configure routing:

    # app/config/routing.yml
        resource: "@CorporateVCardsBundle/Resources/config/routing.yml"
        prefix:   /vcard/
  4. Configure the bundle (see Defining profiles)

  5. Install assets:

    php bin/console asset:install

Defining profiles

We're now ready to configure this bundle. The config node sets general configuration, while default and profiles defines profiles-related information.

First, define define some - or none - default values using the default node. Then, create one or several profiles inside the profiles node. A valid profile tree would look like this:

    firstName: Bedelia
    lastName: Du Maurier
    company: Hannibal & Associates
    jobTitle: CEO
        mobile: +33 6 12 34 56 78
        work: +33 3 12 34 56 78
        street: 3706 Merry Cider Round
        city: Silverado
        region: California
        zip: 92676
        country: US
    photo: bundles/app/img/vcards-people/bdumaurier.jpg

All these three nodes produces the following configuration tree view:

# app/config/config.yml
    config:                                     # BUNDLE CONFIGURATION
        mails_service: @app.mails                # Set to null to disable mails
            enabled: true
            real_favicon_generator_api_key: null
            dir: "@AppBundle/Resources/public/img/vcards-favicons/"
            - bundles/app/img/vcards-backgrounds/1.jpg
            - bundles/app/img/vcards-backgrounds/2.jpg
            - bundles/app/img/vcards-backgrounds/3.jpg
            - bundles/app/img/vcards-backgrounds/4.jpg
            - bundles/app/img/vcards-backgrounds/5.jpg
    default:                                    # DEFAULT PROFILE INFORMATION
        company: My Company
            work: +33 3 45 67 89 10
    profiles:                                   # PROFILES
            firstName: John
            lastName: Doe
            photo: bundles/app/img/vcards-people/jdoe.jpg

Warning: all URIs must be formatted as above (@AppBundle/Resources/public/file.ext vs bundles/app/file.ext format, trailing and leading slashes)


If enabled, a form will be shown on each vcard's page, allowing one to send the current vcard to an e-mail address. You must handle sending the mail in your own bundle, by implementing the MailsServiceInterface's sendVcard function. It received three arguments:

  • $toMail: form-submitted e-mail address
  • $profile: person's information: [ 'firstName' => 'John', 'lastName' => 'Doe', /* ... */ ]
  • $person: person's name as defined in your config.yml file: jdoe


Each profile can have custom favicons generated from its profile picture, using RealFaviconGenerator's API. In order to use this feature, you must generate your own Non-interactive API key here.

It is recommended to configure config.favicons.dir to be a directory in your own bundle, so you can add generated assets to source control.

Once run, the cvc:generate-favicons command will loop over each one of the configured profiles, and call RealFaviconGenerator's API if the current profile has a photo and hasn't any generated favicons yet.

Note 1: you can force regenerating favicons for a profile by deleting its dir content

Note 2: you must execute this command if you add new profiles, change a photo, or rename a profile key.

Email protection

In order to protect profiles e-mail addresses against spammer robots, we "encrypt" them using ROT13 substitution cipher. Those are then decoded client-side using a simple javascript script. This technique is not meant to be perfect nor secure, but to avoid displaying clear e-mail addresses in the vcards HTML source.


All contributions are welcomed! Please create your pull-requests against the master branch.