Generate pixelated, random world maps in PHP.

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Generate pixelated, random world maps in PHP.

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This is a simple landmap generator implemented in PHP. It supports generating a heightmap, setting up a water level, colorizing and shading. The outputted result will be in pixel style.


1. Installation

composer require christianessl/landmap-generation.

2. Usage

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

use ChristianEssl\LandmapGeneration\Settings as Settings;
use ChristianEssl\LandmapGeneration\Generator as Generator;
use ChristianEssl\LandmapGeneration\Color as Color;
use ChristianEssl\LandmapGeneration\Color\Shader as Shader;
use ChristianEssl\LandmapGeneration\Enum as Enum;
use ChristianEssl\LandmapGeneration\Utility as Utility;

$seed = 'otters_are_awesome!';
$settings = (new Settings\MapSettings())
    ->setColorScheme(new Color\DefaultColorScheme(new Shader\FlatShader()))

$landmapGenerator = new Generator\LandmapGenerator($settings, $seed);
$map = $landmapGenerator->generateMap();

$image = Utility\ImageUtility::createImage($map);
Utility\ImageUtility::outputImage($image, Enum\FileType::PNG);

3. Example output

500x300 pixels

seed: 'otters_are_awesome!'

60% water, flat shader


30% water, flat shader


60% water, detailed shader


60% water, no shader


4. Configuration options

Class MapSettings

Public methods Description Default value
setWidth() map width in pixels 150
setHeight() map height in pixels 150
setColorScheme() the color scheme to use DefaultColorScheme
setWaterLevel() percentage of the map to be water 70
setInterpolationMode() when set, only every fourth pixel is actually calculated in heightmap generation. (as the calculation costs a lot of performance) Neighbouring pixels will be interpolated. Highly recommended. true

Class DefaultColorScheme

Constructor arguments Description Default value
ShaderInterface $shader The shader to use for this color scheme. If none is passed, "NullShader" will be used (which does no shading at all). NullShader

Class LandmapGenerator

Constructor arguments Description Default value
GeneratorSettingsInterface $settings The settings for the LandmapGenerator: MapSettings or DefaultSettings. -
string $seed Seed for the Random number generator. -
HeightmapGeneratorInterface $heightmapGenerator The algorithm for generating the heightmap. DiamondSquareHeightmapGenerator
WaterLevelGeneratorInterface $waterLevelGenerator The algorithm for placing the water level WaterLevelGenerator

Implemented Shaders

Class name Description
NullShader Does no shading at all.
FlatShader Simple shading with flat looking colors.
DetailShader Highly detailed altitudes in the map. No steps between the colors.


  • implement a perlin noise algorithm as example (much faster than diamond square)
  • refactor and decouple ImageUtility
  • possibility to cache the heightmap generation (maybe as a json tree?)
  • port the diamond square algorithm to GO (in another project) and add the option to connect the php project to the GO library